Let us take your HR problems away

With a monthly retained contract, finally end the worry and uncertainty that employment law issues and staff problems can cause your business while helping bring the best out of your workforce.

Take advantage of an HR retainer contract with Lloyd HR Consultancy and you’ll have an expert to hand when you need them, managing the HR function of your business without the expense of an in-house HR expert.

How you benefit from retaining us monthly:

  • Seriously cost effective. You never know when you’ll need extra support. Fix your HR costs from month-to-month with our retained services packages to ensure you’re not hit with whatever eventualities may arise. Plus our charges work on a sliding scale so the more hours you purchase, the more cost effective it becomes.
  • A weight off your mind. So many businesses falter in the face of the flood of legislation and regulations changing the landscape for employers each day. With our managed service, we’re able to take the pressure off you. When we’re on your side, you’ll never again miss an important update or mistakenly fall foul of employment law changes.
  • Tailored to your business. Every business is different. When taking a managed service retainer, we’ll take the time to discover exactly what makes your business special and any challenges you’re likely to encounter. We’ll thoroughly assess your needs and suggest a package which suits you rather than squeezing you into a one-size-fits-all agreement.
  • Flexible. Some months your HR needs are different from others. If you don’t use all your hours one month, we’ll proactively look for ways to help drive your business forward, either by enhancing and improving elements of your HR process or re-assessing and evaluating your HR needs.
  • There when you need us. You never know how an employee will turn out. If something should go wrong, we’re there for you within 24 hours to help you navigate the mire of performance issues, disciplinary and employment tribunals should it get that far.

Our packages

Choose from our three levels of management service, each tailored to your business’s individual needs:

(by the hour)

  • Everything you need to fulfill your basic HR obligations and requirements.
  • Email/phone HR advice and support
  • On and off-site support

Business Safeguard
(half day per month)

  • Covering all your key HR requirements, with time dedicated to ensuring best practice and improved performance.
  • Email and phone HR advice and support on hand when you need it.
  • On and off-site support

Total Performance
(one day per month)

  • Delivering a high-capacity managed HR service that allows your business to take control beyond employment law obligation through to enhanced performance management and proactively working on – processes to get the very best from your staff.
  • Email and phone HR advice and support
  • On and off-site support

Note: on-site support requires one week’s notice.
Any mileage incurred charged at 45p+VAT per mile (plus any parking charges or train fares).
Any travel time charged at £30.00+VAT per hour.

We’ll do everything we can to keep your company running

Dealing with staff issues has the power to waste huge amounts of productive time and effort and it takes you away from what really matters: growing your business. Put all your HR issues behind you with a fixed cost monthly retainer which removes all the hassle and pain associated with employment law issues and lets you focus on your business.

From handling problem employees to recruiting and interviewing new starters to help grow your business, we provide a complete end-to-end HR service which keeps you on the right side of the law and up-to-date with new regulations.

Under our range of managed HR contracts, we offer:

  • Review of current handbook and HR policies and procedures.
  • Audit existing contracts.
  • Help develop HR policies and procedures and implement them.
  • Review holiday allowances.
  • Review sick policies.
  • Design and implement induction procedure for new starters.
  • Hold appraisals and manage appraisal process.
  • Write job offers and contracts of employment.
  • Ensure your employees are engaged and you’re an employer of choice!
  • Manage pension and benefits.
  • Conduct exit interviews.
  • Manage redundancies.
  • Manage disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • Performance manage employees.
  • Recruit new employees – source candidates, shortlist and interview
  • Represent your company should you go to tribunal.
  • Something else you need help with? Ask us if we can help.

Outsourced HR vs in-house HR

Why use an outsourced HR over an in-house HR? For many businesses, the cost of employing a dedicated in-house HR professional is prohibitive. Yet the need to have some HR capability and knowledge base is essential in staying on top of ever-changing regulations. Although you may have an individual within your business with HR responsibility – among others – the need to constantly update and refresh your knowledge of changes to legislation and implement best practice makes this a difficult task for someone with other duties to attend to.

However, using an outsourced HR allows you to tap into the unique set of skills and expertise a dedicated HR professional brings. On a retained contract, you have a highly skilled and experienced HR expert who is dedicated to managing your business’s particular issues as though they were part of your business but without the overhead.

When do you want us to start?
We’re ready when you are. Start seeing the benefits of a fully managed HR service in as little as a few weeks. Simply choose the package which best suits you, call us on 01737 336336 and we’ll do the rest.