Problem employee?

They can tear a business apart.

Just one bad apple amongst your staff has the power to turn a highly productive, happy workplace into somewhere you and your employees dread.

It can undo all your hard work, it can undermine your customer service and it can negatively impact on the growth of your business.

And worst of all it can leave you worried, frustrated and not knowing where to turn.

All because of one staff member.

With just a simple phone call, we can lift that worry.

Whether it’s a grievance or a disciplinary, we’ll give you enough options tailored to your specific business situation to help you navigate the tricky waters of dealing with problem staff.

We can do as much or as little as you need.

It may be a case of discussing a course of action just to check you’re covered. Or you may want us to handle the whole process, from having a difficult conversation to the exchange of letters and everything else in between.

But we understand there is more to a problem employee than a disciplinary.

We deal with the person, not the process.

In many cases, a simple, easily-remediable breakdown of communication is at the heart of the problem.

Deal with this and all the problems usually melt away.

We’ve a track record of not only dealing with problem employees, but transforming them into some of the most productive employees within their respective businesses.

All through a little more care, attention and personal touch than you’d find from another HR advisory service.

“I feel confident in knowing that I have your valued support”
Thank you very much for your HR consultancy service, which I found to be provided professionally, in a very down-to-earth manner and also at a cost effective price. HR is a minefield and with your ‘on tap’ support, I feel confident in knowing that I have your valued support and assistance if ever required in the future.
Jayen Patel

Here’s how we help:

  • Outsourced HR service
  • HR mentoring and coaching
  • HR management support
  • Handling disciplinary, grievance and harassment issues
  • Develop appraisal system
  • Effective consultation
  • Manage poor employee performance
  • Negotiate with employees
  • Reduce or manage absenteeism