Want to make your staff work better?

HR should be more than just dealing with a problem employee or handling redundancies.

Done properly, it can be used to develop your staff and bring their best qualities to bear for your business. (It’s no coincidence the best performing businesses invest heavily in their employees’ training and development.)

Developing your staff is cheaper and more cost-effective than bringing in new faces.

In many cases, it helps bring out their potential, removes existing issues and improves job satisfaction without resorting to costly wage increases.

Happy employees are quite simply more productive employees.

We’re expert in helping businesses develop their staff.

From managing poor performance and absenteeism through to creating development and training programmes to widen the knowledge and skill base of your staff, we’re able to manage the entire process from end-to-end.

Going to individual learning providers can be costly without guaranteeing the training delivered meets exactly what you need.

We’re able to deliver bespoke, individually-tailored training programmes targeted to the specific needs of your business.

Our broad range of training services gives you access to tailored sales training, development skills – such as organisational and time management – as well as key training, including health and safety.

“With their help we developed and recruited a new UK team”
Lloyd HR Consultancy supported MBA Polymers for over 6 month and during that time I had the privilege of working with Lloyd HR Consultancy. With their help we developed and recruited a new UK team.
Nigel Hunton

How we help:

  • Getting the best out of your employees
  • Organisational knowledge and skills
  • Time management training
  • Sales training
  • Health and safety training
  • Manage poor employee performance
  • Reduce or manage absenteeism