Growing fast and need support?

It’s what we aspire to: success brings growth to our business.

But as we take on new staff and expand, with growth comes new issues.

The faster we grow, the more it can feel like you’re losing control.

And it’s in those moments, mistakes can be made and issues overlooked.

If you’ve been using a helpline, your advice suddenly seems less relevant, less useful to your specific situations.

You need more specialised, tailored advice without the overhead of a full-time HR specialist.

Don’t get hit before you’ve begun, get help before a problem becomes a crisis.

We’ve helped fast-growth businesses avoid the common HR pitfalls that come with rapidly increasing your staff.

From an effective recruitment process which keeps you working at capacity through to keeping your business on the right side of the law as your obligations increase, we’ll provide as much advice and support as you need to maintain your momentum.

“Excellent at creating a positive and supportive environment”
My recommendation is simple. Yes, Lloyd HR Consultancy have been excellent at creating a positive and supportive environment for employees. However, more importantly they do these things whilst enabling your company to hit financial and strategic targets.
David Shimkus

How we help:

  • Outsourced HR advice
  • HR mentoring and coaching
  • Managing recruitment
  • Handling selection and interview process
  • Developing employment contracts, policies and procedures
  • Ensuring you have correct HR documentation