Employee Handbook

Capturing people’s interest on a subject that can at times be quite mundane and boring is always going to be a challenge.

That’s why this month I want to talk about creating an employee handbook that actually gets read.

An employee handbook is an important part of a new starter’s induction. It’s where all the company policies and procedures can be found. A great source of information.

But, it can be heavy going for a reader to plough through.

So my suggestion is to make it fun and appealing. Of course it needs to have the serious stuff in it but here are some ideas that can lighten it up a bit.

Easy to read – don’t use words that are likely to be unfamiliar leaving the poor reader no choice but to search for the meaning in the dictionary.

Keep it short – this goes for the sentences as well as the book itself.

Be positive – focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t do.

They’re grownups! – Your staff are not children so avoid language that treats them so. Allow them to use common sense and encourage them to ask questions if they’re not sure.

A picture paints a thousand words – as well as breaking up the text, images are a quick way to get your message across and understood.

Index – be sure to add a contents page. This allows the reader to quickly find what they are looking for.

Add humour – let the culture of the business shine through. Of course there will be serious sections, but think how you can also bring a smile to the readers face. This could be with funny images or industry jokes.

If you would like a hand to lighten up your company handbook, or indeed create one if you don’t yet have one, give us a call on 01737 336336 or email us.