Planning a trouble free Christmas party

There are many ways that you can recognise and reward outstanding individual commitment and team success throughout the year.  But the end of the year is the perfect opportunity to include everyone in celebrating the year’s successes and create the vision for the coming year.

A Christmas party, whether it is a lunch, dinner, a day out, or whatever you choose, is the perfect occasion to bring the company together.

Don’t get caught with your trousers down!

When planning a trouble free Christmas party, preparation is the key to avoiding any HR issues. You want everyone to let their hair down, enjoy themselves and have a great time, without creating an aftermath that you might regret.

Here are our top tips for an office Christmas party that can be remembered – for all the right reasons.

  1. Choosing the date
    • Avoid a Friday if you are holding your event in the evening. A Friday evening moves into personal time. They may also have another party to go to and miss out on yours
    • Your budget will go further if you choose a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday but be prepared for lower productivity the next day!
  2. Choosing the venueOffice Christmas Party
    • Consider the age range of your staff? Pick somewhere that will accommodate all age groups, including the music
    • If you are not putting on transport choose a venue that is close to public transport or not too far away so that a taxi is a realistic option
    • Better still, choose a location so that taxis for everyone falls within your budget
  3. Extend the invitation
    • If your budget runs to it invite the partner, husband, wife or a friend
    • If you use out-sourced consultants that have helped your business throughout the year, invite them too
  4. Make a speech – but keep it short and sweet!
    • Use the event to reflect upon the year and your appreciation of their hard work
    • Set the scene for the coming year and ask for their continued support
  5. Any dietary requirements?
    • You may remember to ask if someone would like the vegetarian option but don’t forget to ask if anyone has allergies. If there’s someone with a nut allergy everyone should be aware of this.
  6. Drink responsibly
    • Encourage everyone to drink responsibly. Have lots of soft drinks and water jugs available
    • Make sure that non-alcoholic drinks are not confused with alcoholic drinks e.g. punch
    • A free bar might not be such a good idea!
  7. The morning after the night before
    • Don’t expect everyone to be on top of their game the next day
    • Suggest a later start if you can
    • You could serve bacon butties for breakfast
    • If a member of staff has reported a grievance about an incident deal with it immediately

I hope your Christmas party goes with a bang for all the right reasons. If you are unfortunate enough to have an HR issues that arises , be sure to contact us on 01737 336336 or email