SMEs have taken on over ½ million new employees this year and many will have wasted more time and money on this process than necessary.

We’ve been really busy during the latter part of 2014 managing recruitment projects and conducting interviews for our clients so it seemed fitting that the last HR tips for you this year are no this very subject.

Follow these top tips and you will be well on the right road to ‘Recruiting the right candidate’.

  1. Write a job description that also includes some background on your company and the culture, what it’s like to work with you and your team and what future opportunities you can offer.
  2. What are the selection criteria for the job? This could be skills, qualifications, relevant knowledge and experience. What attributes must they have to be suitable for the role?
  3. Use a variety of ways to find the right candidate. If you are advertising be very clear and honest about what the job entails. This avoids misunderstandings further down the line. Ensure that all adverts comply with equality laws.
  4. Promote the job on your website and use social media platforms that are relevant to the candidate to raise awareness of the position you’d like to fill. Perhaps if you have lots of fans on Instagram that is where your ideal candidate is hanging out.
  5. If you use a recruitment agency make sure you get to know each other. The more they know about you and the culture of the business the better job they will do for you.
  6. Can you recruit from within your organisation? There are many benefits to this; offering career progression , enhances morale, reduces cost of recruiting. Be aware though if you do not offer the position to an existing member of staff they may become demotivated.
  7. Delegate the sifting of CVs? If you are not using an agency ask a colleague to help. They will have a good feel for the type of person who is going to fit into their team.
  8. Keep an open mind when it comes to CVs. Often a fit with the company culture is more important and the skills can be taught. This does mean that you may have to speak to more people but it will ensure that you don’t overlook that ‘little gem’.
  9. Take the time to find the right candidate. Don’t settle for second best as it will probably come back to haunt you.
  10. Next it’s the interview, which we covered back in March and you can read our tips here.

Bonus tip

  1. Talk to Lloyd HR Consultancy! If you are about to recruit or have plans to in the next few months, be sure to give us a call and we’ll make sure this process is carried out without denting your budget. We’ll also save you a lot of time. Time that you can spend on developing your business. We’ll find the best candidate for your business.