Have You Considered Hiring An Apprentice?

This month I’ve been helping a client recruit an apprentice. There are lots advantages to be had from going down this route, but there are a few points to consider first to make sure that it’s a success for you, the business and the apprentice.

  1. Don’t stereotype – It’s natural to think of an apprentice as a young person not long out of education and looking for their first step on the career ladder, but have you considered an apprenticeship for an existing employee or perhaps someone that’s returning back to work?
  2. 100% funding – You may not feel that you can afford to bring in a new member of staff, but actually with the funding that is available (and the talent that is out there) an apprentice could be a perfect way to expand your business.
  3. Plug the skills gap – Industry specific knowledge is not always easy to find. When you employ an apprentice they will be learning about your industry and with in-house training they’ll be learning exactly how you like it; your way!
  4. An extra pair of hands – We could all do with a little extra help and an apprentice who is made to feel part of the team will be eager to participate and appreciate the valuable business skills you can teach them.
  5. Flexible – Apprenticeships can be tailored to specific job roles to suit the need within your business.
  6. Plan for the future – If you are planning to introduce a new service within the coming year one of the steps to prepare for the event may be to acquire extra man power and the skills to deliver the new service. An apprenticeship is one way you can gear up to achieve this future goal.
  7. Learning on the job – Apprentices often learn within the work place, this means less disruption with time spent out of the office and more impact whilst they are learning within the business.

Please don’t dismiss the idea of employing an apprentice. They could be that little gem you are looking to recruit; eager to achieve, quick to learn, full of ideas and most likely already highly tech savvy!

If you would like to discuss how an apprentice could benefit you and your business please give me a call on 01737 336336 or email me.