Recruiting is a PR opportunity

It has been said so many times before, that the people that work in your company, are your most important asset, so ensuring you have the best people possible, can be key to the success of your business.

Recruiting the right individuals in the first place, is therefore of paramount importance and…

“the manner by which you recruit can say much about the ethos of your business.”

Are you making the most of the PR opportunity when you are hiring?

When following the correct recruitment process, it can deliver a number of positive messages to your customers, employees, stake holders and competitors.

On the other hand, when the process is not professionally managed, the opposite is true and the costs to your business can be significant.

Recruitment best practice

Getting it right doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does rely on doing the right thing. So what does good recruitment practice actually look like? What are some of the things you must consider when you go out to the market place to hire someone for your business?

  • Consider your hiring options. Do you need to hire externally or can you hire from within?
  • Will you handle the recruitment process in-house or use a 3rd party recruitment consultancy?
  • Do you have all the documentation necessary? For example:
    • A clear and accurate job description
    • Person specification
    • Application forms
    • Information about your company
    • Policy documents such as diversity and equality
    • Job offer letter
    • Contract of employment
  • How and where are you going to advertise the position and what methods are you going to use? Remember, social media now plays its part in the recruitment arena.
  • What is your selection criteria and how will the interview process be conducted and by whom?
  • What 3rd party checking and assessments will you undertake of all the candidates?
  • How do you handle those that you reject? Remember, you may interact with these people in the future, so treat them with respect. Thank them for their time.

Your business in the spotlight

Recruiting is an expensive and time consuming process. Getting it right the first time has an immediate and positive impact on your business. It also creates the right environment in which new employees can thrive and feel positive about the choice they have made to work within your business. As they say “it’s a two-way street”!

Don’t miss the opportunity to position your business in the best light possible throughout the recruitment process. If this is an area of your HR activity that we can help you with, then do contact Charlie Lloyd who has a wealth of experience in this area.

You can reach Charlie via email or call 01737 336336.